​camphor Memorial united methodist church


Due to the severe weather and hurricane forecasted to impact our area, our office will be working virtual. Our office will be closing today, August 27 at 2pm and will remain closed until Tuesday, August 31 at 9am. 
In cases of crisis, please do not hesitate to contact our Pastor’s cell at 225-384-0333 for assistance.
All other requests should be submitted when we reopen operations.  
Please stay safe during the storm!
Warm Regards,
Pastor K C Roberson

Camphor Memorial UMC 2021 Graduates


 ✨✨ FEMA is paying for rooms. ✨✨           

You can apply online at​ or by phone​ ​Disaster Assistance - 1-800-621-3362
Apply​ at​, get your FEMA number ASAP​.​ The President ​has signed the ​Major Disaster​ Declaration​ for the State of Louisiana.​
Apply for disaster ​EBT/​Food ​Stamp​s​ - 
Assistance is not being provided based on  your income​.​ ​If​ your parish is on the list​, you will qualify.​ ​The benefits will​ be effective the day you apply​.​ 
If you ​are ​staying in a hotel​,​ when you check out ​be sure to ​ask for the final bill. You will need it for your insurance and FEMA ​in order to receive a reimburse​ment. 
Tell FEMA and insurance you need to stay in a hotel, or with family or​ ​friends​, while​ you are​ waiting for​ home​ repairs, or ​power to be restored at your ​ho​me. If you need to stay in a hotel due to no power​, ​​just give the front desk your FEMA number to pay for your room but not taxes. If you need to stay somewhere due to damage FEMA will pay up to 12 months( it will be extended)​.​
You can stay with family, friend​s​, or rent an apartment. They will reimburse you the full amount. Must submit a lease or written contract from the family or friend you're staying with.
(example $1200.00 one homeowner or up to $2400 monthly for family.​)​
Write down or give an estimate of how much food you lost and had to throw away for reimbursement .This reimbursement will be paid ASAP ( you still have to wait for an adjuster but the check will be issued on the spot.​)​
Start getting at least three estimates and have them for an adjuster appointment. It will speed up the process​.​
American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund​ -​ 1-800-435-7669​ 
Resources for any family that may need it.